The impact of a P-Tech Program

When will P-TECH Students Graduate?

  • P-TECH students, like regular high school students, complete their high school requirements within (4) years.

  • P-TECH Students can walk in graduation ceremonies at the end of the 4th year, however they will not physically receive their diploma until the program is complete.

  • Students that leave the program before finishing the 4th year return to a normal high school schedule.

  • Students that reach years (5) and/or (6) of the program, but do not finish, receive their high school diploma, earning college credits that may apply to earning a degree at CCRI or other colleges that recognize the credit.

  • All P-TECH students will receive a CNA Certificate, part of Extended Learning Opportunities.

Workplace Learning Curriculum

Using the SkillsUSA framework, P-Tech students will develop personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics, preparing them for career readiness.

Patricia King, Workplace Learning Instructor

Linda Parente, Workplace Learning Instructor

Summit Learning Platform

Students enrolled in P-TECH will simultaneously take NPHS curriculum courses as well as Summit Learning Courses in English, Math and Science.


What is Summit Learning?

Summit Learning has three components:

Project-Based Learning to build cognitive skills

One-on-One Mentoring to understand and pursue personal goals

Individualized Pathways to master content

Summit Learning's personalized approach to teaching and learning has led to a 98% of Summit's graduating classes being accepted into at least one four-year university.  Students using these Summit Learning Platform also complete college at double the national average. 

Students are able to articulate what they are learning, why they are learning, and how they learn best.  

Students can advocate for themselves, know their passions and interests, and have long--term goals set for college and career readiness.

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